Run The Rocks 2016

While Colorado may have an abundance of clear, beautiful air, not everyone can breathe easy. Asthma and other health-related issues can make the simple task of breathing extremely difficult. At Webolutions, we believe a “breath of fresh air” is worth fighting for. That’s why, on October 9, 2016, over twenty-five walkers and runners represented the Webolutions Revolutions team at the Run the Rocks event in support of the American Lung Association.

The unique race took place at Red Rocks Amphitheater offering scenic views and a challenging course. Participants selected between a 5k and newly added 10k course (added to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the race). The team included everyone from competitive runners looking for a new personal best to leisurely walkers enjoying the scenery, all united with a common goal. Members of the team enjoyed a hot breakfast complete with oatmeal, coffee and drinks before the race.

The event finished with smiles (and sweat) all around.The Webolutions Revolutions team took first place in the 10k and had around twenty 5k finishers. Most importantly, Webolutions Revolutions joined together to raise awareness and funding for the American Lung Association. A huge thank you to all who participated!

Looking to join the fight for air? Webolutions Revolutions will be participating in the Fight For Air Climb on February 26, 2017.






Webolutions Revolutions

Run the Rocks is just one of the events our Webolutions Revolutions team does throughout the year. We have more than 250 active community leaders who get together to engage in team activity, and invite you to join us. Generally we don’t organize our own “events” or races, but we will join a 5K/10K, Marathon Relay or charity walk to support a non-profit. We meet frequently for team training, emphasizing outdoor climbs/run/hikes/bikes in the mountains. We encourage each other to get and stay fit. No dues/no meetings/no sales.

All are welcome regardless of level of physical fitness with three guidelines:

  • You should like them and be comfortable introducing them to everyone on the team.
  • You should like people and occasionally want to participate in team activity.
  • Whatever your level of ability and fitness you should want to improve their physical condition and help inspire others to reach their own goals