On the morning of November 19th, Webolutions team members gathered at the Marriott City Center Downtown Denver for the Denver Business Journal’s Best Places to Work Celebration. As we ate our wonderful Steak & Eggs breakfast we waited anxiously to hear the rankings of the Top 10 Best Places to Work.

Soon after the awards ceremony began, the Webolutions team watched as they announced the 10th Best Place to Work, then 9th, then 8th all the way down to the 2nd company. When they announced another company’s name, we all realized we had been recognized as the #1 Best Place to Work by the Denver Business Journal.

Here at Webolutions, we are very honored and thrilled to receive this award! We believe on building a strong brand through solid relationships.

View the announcement of the #1 Best Place to Work on Webolutions YouTube Channel

Way to go Webolutions team! Congrats on being #1!

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