On October 17, 2011, Webolutions Director of New Media Strategies Mike Hanbery returns to his alma mater, the University of Denver, to speak to an undergraduate Strategic Communication Planning class in the school of Media, Film and Journalism Studies.

“The course introduces students to foundational principles in strategic communication and covers both public relations and advertising,” said class facilitator Stephanie Brooks, Associate Director of Communications and Marketing at DU’s Daniels College of Business. “Students learn and apply the elements of a comprehensive strategic communication plan, including conducting research, setting communication goals, designing messaging strategies and tactics, and evaluating the plan’s effectiveness. An emphasis on ethical communication practices is central to the course.”

Mr. Hanbery will focus on digital marketing strategies and tactics including Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. His appearance will bridge material from separate presentations by subject matter experts in media relations and marketing communications. Mr. Hanbery holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Mass Communications and a Master’s of Business Administration from DU. He is an active alumnus, having previoiusly addressed DU alumni groups on Social Media Marketing, and is a member of the university’s adjunct faculty. Webolutions, a full-service marketing agency, regularly hosts marketing classes from DU and other regional universities.

“Some of my most enriching experiences as a student,” said Hanbery, “were direct interactions with active practicioners of the crafts I was studying. The intimacy provided by the small class size and close-knit community DU fosters is one of its greatest strengths. I’m very pleased to be an active part of it.”

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