Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development | WebolutionsCreating Mobile Apps That Simplify Your Business

Mobile app development and mobile web development are two completely different propositions. Quite often we receive requests for mobile app development when, in fact, the best solution would be the creation of a robust mobile website.  Whichever solution you need, Webolutions can build the tool for the job.

Mobile App vs. Mobile Website

Let’s explore the basics of these two tools for just a second.

  • A mobile website is a mobile version of a website that lives on the Internet and functions much the same way as a regular website
  • A mobile app is a customized, computer program which is downloaded, usually to a smart phone or a tablet, in order to provide specific functions. “There’s an app for that”

With years of experience in custom application development, our team of experts at Webolutions can help you create a highly effective mobile application for any purpose imaginable.

Mobile App Development Process

Our highly effective process to ensure the creation of a solid app includes:

  • Creation of a preliminary scope
  • Review of key personas and the experience we want to create for them
  • Creation of wireframes to map the key functions and screens
  • Graphic design of user interfaces
  • Programming of your app
  • Testing and launch

If you have an idea of an app, or would like to see how we can help you web enable laborious or paper intensive systems and processes into a streamlined online experience, email or call at 303-300-2640 today to schedule an initial consultation.