At Webolutions, we have been implementing successful eCommerce solutions since 1996. We work together with you to choose the right approach, scope the specific functional elements, and implement a solution to achieve your particular business goals.

We will work with you using our proprietary eCommerce  FeatureChoice Toolkit™ to determine the right solution and tool sets for your specific business needs.

E-Commerce solutions can span a broad range from simple to highly complex.  We have the experience and expertise to successfully implement the right solution for you. Our solutions range from:

  • A simple form integrated with Pay-Pal to sell a couple of items
  • A basic shopping cart to sell multiple items with a bit more functionality
  • A more complex shopping cart to integrate with business operations, enhanced product management, and some specialty functionality
  • A custom web development & shopping cart solution to to meet specific needs not achievable via a more standard offering

Some of the more common features we are able to include in an eCommerce Solution for you are:

  • Payment Gateway integration for funds to move directly into your bank account
  • Advanced product management tools (inventory control, attributes, etc…)
  • Recommendations to prompt the purchase of related products
  • Product Reviews and Product Ranking
  • Automatic shipping integration with UPS, FedEx, etc…
  • Sales tax integration (simple to complex)
  • Creation and management of discount codes for special promotional offers
  • Return purchaser login and account management
  • Integration with shipping and fulfillment services and systems
  • Integration with your other sales and management software applications (Salesforce, Pardot, Infusionsoft, accounting systems, etc…)

To schedule a demo of our solutions or schedule a meeting to begin using our eCommerce  FeatureChoice Toolkit™ contact us or call 303-300-2640 today.