Tracking & Enhancements

Email marketing remains one of the best ways for businesses to get in touch with potential as well as existing clients. Therefore, monitoring the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns is essential. Ongoing measurement of email marketing metrics seeks to establish clear links between particular aspects of the emails that businesses send out and factors like click-through rates or online conversions.

These links can be identified through time-based tracking of metrics such as subject lines and send times. In addition, a number of email criteria can be optimized utilizing A/B testing, in which two or more variations of an email with one element changed across versions. This allows the most effective version of the email to be identified quickly and easily.

The benefits of email marketing efforts include:

  • Improved effectiveness of email marketing campaigns
  • Increased traffic driven to your website
  • Higher numbers of website conversions
  • A consistent way to stay relevant to existing and potential clients

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