This month, Twitter rolled out its Vine application. Twitter’s Vine allows users to create and upload videos of six seconds in length to their Twitter feeds. (Actually closer to six and a half, but who’s counting?)

(Six seconds is also the approximate length of time it took the porn industry to disrupt and overpower the initial rollout, but that’s beyond our scope here, as are jokes about the usefulness of six seconds of porn. Pity.)

Twitter Vine is basic. Users can start, record, pause and end. That’s all. How much creativity can you pack into six seconds with those simple capabilities? Here are a few examples:

CNN just went full boat for Vine Valentine’s Day videos, so interest, awareness and penetration will surely spike. Goodness knows what St. Patrick’s Day will bring. Success stories on Vine will include characters, series and behind-the-scenes stuff. If we were asking what happens next for the love/hate relationship between public figures and professional and amateur paparazzi, Vine will provide our answer. When the next civil revolt occurs in Tehran or Cairo, we’ll piece together our interpretations of it from disparate Vine videos. And wait until the Finding Bigfoot types get hold of this.

The goal for your business? The same as any other social media content: Touch people emotionally. Communicate something about who you are. Create content worth sharing and share it with people who will appreciate it and influence others. Twitter’s Vine is another arrow in your social media marketing quiver.

A few tips: Vine records audio, too, so keep that in mind. At this writing, the mobile app is only available for the iPhone and downloadable on iTunes. Like Instagram, it’s Hashtag-driven so if you are seeking audience share (and yes, you are), do your research, listen and play along.

How can your company use six seconds of moving pictures to build community around your brand?