It’s quite obvious that Social Marketing is here to stay. In fact, it’s continuously growing on a daily basis. What once was just a way to communicate with friends and family has grown to now be a way of creating and developing business. As companies switch their marketing efforts over to utilize Social Marketing they are beginning to see a bigger profit and more business. But is it really that simple? Participate in Social Marketing and get business? Our answer is not necessarily.

Your participation level within your Social Marketing efforts will determine how much you gain back in business. As discussed at our previous events, it is essential to generate a Social Marketing plan for your company. Without a well put-together plan, it will be difficult to reap potential full benefits. Part of that plan is developing keywords that can be used throughout your social media sites in order to appeal to search engines. By continuously generating keyword-rich content you can begin to show up under specific targeted keywords and eventually drive business in desired areas.

At this event we will focus on the relationship between your Social Marketing and SEO. Topics will cover questions such as:

  • What Social Marketing can be used to benefit your search engine placement?
  • What types of keywords should you use?
  • How can your Social Marketing efforts benefit from participating in SEO?

Please contact Nicole Hurdle at Webolutions with any questions regarding this event or group.

We invite you to bring friends and associates with you to our open forum!