Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive web design and development is the current standard for businesses to display their website content on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

Responsive web design allows the content from your content management system to display in different formats, using different designed style sheets, driven by the screen resolution of your site visitor’s device. Learn more about responsive web design at Wikipedia.

So, if someone visits your website on a desktop computer, they will see your website displayed in the desktop version. But, if they visit your website on a tablet or a smart phone, they will see your website displayed in a format designed to create the best user experience for their particular device’s screen resolution.

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Benefits of Mobile Responsive Design

The key advantages of responsive design over the creation of a separate mobile website are:

  • All  your website content, for any device, can be pulled from a single source.  So, as your content is updated, it is updated across all devices.  This is far better for search engine optimization
  • The effective use of your mobile presence is a critical element for businesses and organizations in today’s marketing landscape.
  • Creating an effective user experience on these devices (smart phones and tablets) is something which requires expertise and knowledge.

Webolutions’ Denver web development team of experts will help you explore different mobile options, help you create the right plan to engage your customers, create highly intuitive mobile tools, and show you how to best utilize these in your overall marketing program.

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