Maximize your ROI with Denver Web Analytics

Fine tune your Online Presence with advanced website analytics. Analytical tracking is a vital resource Web Marketers use to develop, maintain and make educated business decisions based on the data provided. Webolutions uses Web site tracking to create the most effective online SEO marketing strategy and ensure marketing funds are delegated to resources that will provide the most value.

Advantages of Website Tracking:

  • Webolutions Google Partner BadgeAligns Website performance with company goals and expectations
  • Allows search marketers to gauge site progress and effectiveness
  • Sales and ROI Measurement
  • Determine functioning & non-functioning sections of a page
  • Establish the low traffic pages of a Website
  • Understand visitor behavior
  • Study campaign effectiveness

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Why Choose Webolutions for your Website Tracking Solution?

There are many different factors to evaluate when fine tuning a Web sites performance and effectiveness. Here are just a few examples of reporting that Webolutions uses to ensure maximum profitability and performance.

  • Campaign management – It is important to know what and how each marketing campaign performs. We use the information from our Website tracking solution to focus on the campaigns that provide the most value.
  • Funnel tracking – When setting up your tracking system, Webolutions implements funnel tracking to see where visitors are dropping off throughout the conversion process.
  • ROI and conversion tracking – Return on investment (ROI) and conversion tracking is vital when evaluating the overall performance of the Web site and marketing campaigns.
  • Bounce rates – A bounce rate simply refers to the number of visitors that enter and leave a page, without navigating further into the site. Webolutions uses the bounce rate to evaluate the overall performance of the landing page. If the bounce rate is too high, then there is a problem with the page and it will need to be revamped.

As all segments of our population become more and more familiar with using the Internet, it is now more important than ever that successful businesses understand and begin to utilize the current and future online marketing avenues available to them. Advanced website analytics is just one resource that is necessary to the success of your Website.

Contact us and let us turn your website into a marketing machine that drives qualified traffic to your site, and converts your lookers into bookers. We provide advanced Website Analytics, at a price you can afford.