Our Team

Webolutions is Denver’s Top Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency

Our Webolutions team is comprised of highly skilled professionals with marketing expertise in a number of different mediums. Our team uses a 100% collaborative approach to creating the best solutions for our clients.

President / Founder

John Vachalek

I believe we should all “take a step back” and create a different lens through which to view the world. When constant change and evolution is the norm, this lens allows us to challenge the status quo and create fresh, innovative, relevant approaches to build success. This success allows us to make a difference in the world and this relevance is what drives me.

Strategic Community & Public Policy Engagement

John Brackney
Director, Strategic Community and Public Policy Engagement

With 26 years of Public Policy and Community Problem Solving experience I believe that Colorado is the leader in economic health, responsible and effective government, entrepreneurial activity and effective decision making that maintains and enhances our vibrant quality of life. Our best days are ahead of us because we are going to make them.

Sales & Marketing

Mike Hanbery
Director of Marketing and Business Development

I believe in believing. “The memories of a man in his old age are the deeds of a man in his prime.” – Pink Floyd



Marketing Program Manager

I believe in the power of passion, perseverance and people. Life is inevitably full of obstacles. It’s how we face these obstacles that determines not only success, but our happiness and character. “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Henry David Thoreau

Web Design and Development

Matt Reiswig - Creative Director
Creative Director, UX & Design

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

SEO – Online Marketing

John Vargo
Manager Online Marketing

The world revolves around relationships. Honest, open relationships result in trust, true communication and efficiencies. The lack of transparency subverts the overall betterment of mankind. I believe we should strive to be empathetic in order to achieve greater objectivity and make optimal decisions in all areas of life, both personally and professionally.

PPC – Online Marketing

Tyler Jacobson
Online Marketing

Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best. -Theodore Isaac Rubin

Operations Management

Kristin Dye
Operations Manager

I joined Webolutions back in 2005, where we were in a tiny office on Evans and Monaco. It has been exciting to be a part of the growth and success that we’ve had as a company over the past 12+ years. We have a team that is passionate about what we do, and everyone works hard at their pieces of the puzzle, which all come together to produce an amazing marketing plan for our clients.


Project Management

Amy Martinez
Project Manager

I believe in making the world a better place. Having a happy and positive outlook on life definitely helps me with this every single day. Do what makes you happy and you will in turn make the world a happier, more positive place. Be kind to people and help others as much as possible. Always do your best. And laugh a lot!


Business Strategy & Marketing

Doug Griffin
Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing

“I believe in achieving remarkable relationships with clients based on trust. Without trust, it is impossible to do great work – which is ultimately my goal. Part of that is simply getting to know clients and investing in them. But, it also means doing what you say you are going to do, being honest, and treating everyone with mutual respect.”


Content Strategist and Marketing Coordinator

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” Henry David Thoreau


IT Coordination & Support

Erik Landru
Technical Systems Manager

I’m a geek at heart, always have been. My first computer was an Apple IIe when I was in grade school and she was a beauty! Had I known that geek chic didn’t attract women until at least college, I might have done something more conventional with my time but in reality, I regret nothing.


Experience Coordinator

Cindy McGovern
Experience Coordinator

I have finally found a job where my enthusiasm and creativity is appreciated. My position at Webolutions as an Experience Coordinator is a bit outside of the executive assistant realm.  I get to create fabulous guest and team member experiences and still be involved in all things office-related.  I immediately felt like a part of the team and it’s clear to see that everyone at Webolutions truly loves their jobs and everyone works together as a team.