Win More Business with Infusionsoft CRM and Marketing Automation System

CRM = Customer Relationship Management

Video Transcript about Infusionsoft CRM Software by Mike Hanbery

Hi, I’m Mike Hanbery, Director of Marketing and Business Development here at Webolutions. If your current Contact Relationship Management system is sticky notes or Excel, or if you’ve invested in a CRM system in the past and been disappointed, please stay tuned for another couple minutes and learn about Webolutions Business Accelerator, powered by InfusionSoft CRM.

If your CRM system is sticky notes, Excel, or a whiteboard, you’re leaving money on the table. With a “Right Time Marketing” CRM and Marketing Automation system, you can:

  • Plot tasks and calendar events
  • Record detailed information about the account, interactions, and opportunities
  • Plot an account’s progress through the pipeline
  • Score leads and see budget projections.
  • Generate alerts to prompt or remind the user that it’s time to reach out



This is where Webolutions Business Accelerator, powered by InfusionSoft CRM sets itself apart. It is designed, scaled, and priced for small businesses and organizations. We tie personalized, automated marketing campaigns to CRM data, to help your company and your salesperson get more bites at the same apple. You will permanently, automatically, and systematically stay top-of-mind when a prospective client needs more time or shows interest in a new opportunity.

Webolutions Business Accelerator clients get the benefits of our 23 years of experience in creating memorable and differentiated marketing and sales campaigns, messages, and systems that measure and improve bottom-line results. Your team wants help? Here it is – expert help, wrapped up in a nice package, and priced to move.

Look, we all spend 4 to 5 times more cost and effort to acquire new prospective customers than we do to generate new business from existing relationships. Infusionsoft helps you maximize the opportunity you’ve worked so hard to create. Get Webolutions Business Accelerator, powered by InfusionSoft CRM.

Win more business. Stop leaving money on the table. To get a free demo, call 303-300-2640 or email [email protected]. Do this today. Do it right now.