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7 Critical Steps to Creating a High Performance Website

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1. Better Defining your Website Goals

2. Understanding Your Marketability Compared to Your Competition

3. Creating High-Performance Messaging

4. Developing a Keyword-Driven Information Architecture (IA)

5. Building Your User Experience Based on the Primary Needs of Your Visitors

6. Leaning Forward with Technology

7. Acquiring More Good Links and Removing Bad Links

Building a high performance website both an art and a science.

For over 24 years, Webolutions has created and marketed over 2000 websites for industries ranging from professional services, to manufacturing, healthcare, training, eCommerce and HVAC.

One thing we’ve learned for sure is that website performance doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a clearly-defined path, and the fact is, over 90% of the sites we encounter are not on the right path.

We developed our Performance by Design™ process to help ensure success on each and every website project we tackle. We look forward to inspiring you to grow your website!

Take a look at what's inside ...

Stay Focused with Your Website Goals

The more specific you can be about defining your goals, the higher your chances are to meet them. Often when a website tries to be all thing to all people, it will become cluttered and difficult to navigate. It’s fine to have more than one goal, but our advice is to stay as focused as possible.

Remember to Keep It Simple

You should build your user experience around the primary needs of your visitors. The information they need most should never be more than two clicks away and the main navigation should be as streamlined as possible – under six options at most.



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