On Friday, August 19, 2011, Denver’s premier social media for business group asks: Does Social Media Marketing Pay The Bills or Not ?!

  • What is a “Follower” worth?
  • How can I see the ROI?
  • Can I track brand awareness? How?
  • What tools can I  use to track results?

This conversation will focus on the many possible benefits of social media marketing.  Does social media marketing require that for every dollar in, ten dollars immediately come out? Or is this medium different from any other marketing tool?  We will discuss:

  • Brand awareness
  • The value of connections
  • The value of third party reviews
  • The value of perception
  • The value of community
  • The need for multi-channel communications
  • And of course, how different companies evaluate and track the ROI from their social media marketing programs.

If you are the champion for social media marketing at your company and you are having a difficult time getting company support, this is the meeting to which you should invite those who may need more insight.

This will be an enlightening dialogue. Come and join the conversation (and bring an executive. Tell her you’re buying coffee and muffins)!

Join us Friday, August 19, 2011, and get the “hows” that work for your business…along with a java jolt from Peet’s Coffee Southglenn and delicious breakfast treats from My Favorite Muffin. All are welcome. We meet at the South Metro Chamber of Commerce, 6840 S. University Blvd., Centennial, CO, 80122.

The group gets extremely positive reviews for our structured knowledge exchange, business networking and…did we mention muffins? RSVP today!