Responses to our survey at the end of 2010 showed content generation to be a hot button issue. That’s as it should be.

At the core of every successful and sustainable social media marketing effort is content that strikes an audience as entertaining, informative, provocative. To win the attention and the time of social media consumers, we must strike a chord, make them want to return, to share what we create, to recommend it to others.

Join us February 18 for a discussion including:

* What makes content valuable?
* How do we define “success” for our social media content?
* What types of content are available to, and optimal for, my business?
* When and how often should we post, and where?
* Should our social media plans include a timeline or calendar?
* And more.

Join us February 18 at Chez Cirque…and bring a friend! It’s the “social” thing to do.

The Denver Social Marketing Group meets on the third Friday of each month at Chez Cirque Dueling Pianos. We enjoy Luna Roasters coffee, delicious Duffey Rolls and other healthy breakfast treats, interactive presentations and relaxed professional networking. We host the event with our friends from Denver Dataman and the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce.