“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.” - Francis Bacon

“I smoked for quite a few years before I decided to quit and get healthy. October 2014 marks 5 years without a cigarette. I now run because I can.” – Trevor M.

Inspiration is available wherever we look or listen. Red Rocks, according to its website, is “the only naturally-occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheater in the world.” The panoramic views of Denver are complemented majestically by plants, wildlife and some of the most striking rock formations in the world. See if you can spot rock formations sloping 90 degrees and signature formations. Ship Rock and Creation Rock, for example, on either side of the amphitheater, are taller than Niagara Falls.

Find beauty in the result of 160 million years of earth movement, the journey the landscape has taken in that time and the fact that you now have a place in it.

Find beauty in the live music (It is Red Rocks, after all…) you hear along your route. Do you have memories of concerts at this legendary venue? Relive the beauty of those memories and inspire others by sharing them.

Many of us will look upon the skyline of our city and remember the days of the “brown cloud.” And we’ll have greater appreciation for the decades of work by the American Lung Association in Colorado to clean up our air and foster healthier lifestyles.

As you Run (or walk, or mosey…) the ‘Rocks this October, take in the beauty of everything around you and the memories and feelings it engenders within you. There is beauty in the decision to get healthy. There is beauty in the run–in the start and in the finish, within you and without. That beauty is yours. Let it inspire you.

“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.” – Francis Bacon

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