Thought Leadership

Many organizations come to us stating that they are thought leaders within their industry of field.  However, when we ask where they publish their content and how many people are engaging with it on a monthly basis, quite often we discover that they only thought leaders in their own minds.

The creation of thoughtful, relevant and engaging content is a powerful marketing tool in today’s world. The challenge is that this can be a difficult process to begin.  In our Market Positioning Action Plan™  development, we help you clearly identify the key elements necessary for the creation of an effective thought leadership initiative.  Some of these key elements include:

  • A deep understanding of your target audience and what may be of value to them
  • Knowledge about exactly what keywords they use to search for the content you might produce
  • Knowledge about what content is already being created by your competitors
  • A clear understanding of your brand experience and the emotions you want convey

Using this information, we will help you create an effective thought leadership program.  Key considerations we will help you address include:

  • Selection of topics you should cover on a regular basis
  • How to create relevancy within your content
  • How to best distribute your content across multiple channels
  • How to maximize the engagement with your content to drive reach
  • How to best engage your team in this initiative for articles and content
  • How to track the success of your thought leadership initiative

To discuss our approach or learn more about creating successful thought leadership within your organization, call 303-300-2640 (M-F 8am to 5pm) or schedule your initial consultation online.