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Community Spotlight: On Havana – A Leader in Community Transformation

On Havana Street Logo

In 2008, the Havana Business Improvement came to Webolutions with an idea: improve their 4.3 mile stretch of Havana Street and make it a vibrant, safe, clean area with a lot of diversity. To kickstart this effort, we met with Havana Business Improvement District (BID) executive director Gayle Jetchick, BID members and community stakeholders to create an authentic brand that celebrated what was unique and authentic about the area. After the meeting, we outlined two different potential personas we needed to appeal to – potential shoppers and potential business owners.... Read More

Client Spotlight: Good Times at Guardian Tracking


When a business is founded on a passion for service, an entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to solve a problem, you just know there’s a great story behind it. We couldn’t be more excited to be along for the ride with Guardian Tracking as they transform employee performance measurement – one industry at a time. Guardian Tracking began solely as a tool for law enforcement professionals, then naturally branched out to include all of public safety (Fire, EMS and 911 communications centers). The company’s business model — and its proprietary... Read More

Client Spotlight: How FunTreks Transformed from a Company to a Community

There weren’t many 4×4 guidebooks available back in 1994 when Chuck Wells first started four-wheeling. He had purchased every guide book available on the market and none of them were cutting the mustard. He had just bought his first Jeep Grand Cherokee and was having a ball exploring the Colorado backcountry. As he traveled around using the books, he kept thinking of ways the books could be better. One day, armed with detailed notes and photos from his trips, he sat down and sketched out a few pages of what... Read More

Client Spotlight: People Element Builds Employee Engagement

At Webolutions, we have had the pleasure of working with People Element and helping them evolve and grow their story. Part of that evolution was a full rebranding, including a name change. Who They Are: People Element, formerly Strategic Programs, is in the people business – driving employee engagement in organizations to help them achieve business goals. While many of their competitors may only focus on once aspect of the employee lifecycle, such as exit interview data, People Element is dedicated to the full employee lifecycle and getting to the... Read More