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5 Ways To Boost Your Facebook Ad Performance

5 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Ad Performance

Facebook advertising: It’s one of those things it seems like everybody’s done and no one’s really been satisfied with the results. If you’re like many businesses who’ve advertised or boosted a post on Facebook, you know that you’ve reached your audience at a price that didn’t make you want to cry, but you ended up with not much to show for it, and probably left feeling a little disheartened. Thankfully, effective Facebook advertising doesn’t have to be an inside joke you feel like you’re on the outside of. These are... Read More

6 Tips for 2017 Social Media Success

Social Marketing Success Tips for 2017 Social media had an explosive year in 2016—new channels, new features, new lessons learned about what works and what doesn’t. That set the stage for social media managers and organizations to develop further engagement with key audiences as we look to the new year. There was one thing that did stay the same amid the torrent of change—social media marketing continues to be about relationship building. In addition to prioritizing your efforts to continually support the conversations and relationships you have with your target... Read More

6 Simple Steps To Calculate Social Media Marketing ROI

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing ROI: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. This is most certainly true for all aspects of business, especially social media. While social efforts are indeed harder to track and attribute a direct value, it is not only possible, but essential. If you are unable to prove a value you can’t effectively adjust your strategy based on performance We’ve broken down how to calculate social ROI and then capitalize on it. Steps to Determine ROI for Social Media Marketing 1. Set Goals: Before embarking on any... Read More

How Do You Choose between Snapchat and Instagram Stories?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Hey Snapchat, be flattered by Instagram’s release of Instagram Stories that by most accounts is a direct imitation of your platform. Since these platforms are attracting a LOT of attention, marketers must consider them as a tool in their promotional arsenal. But, how do you choose between Snapchat and Instagram Stories when you market a business? Let’s take a look at each of these social channels and what advantages they have for businesses. What is Snapchat? What is it? Snapchat is a mobile messaging... Read More