Public Policy

Public Policy Affects your Business Every Day!

Public policy affects your business everyday - Webolutions

Public policy¹ also affects your business and your life long term. Most young professionals and new businesses pay very little or even no attention to public policy. Simply, it is too vague, difficult to understand and has more experienced leaders involved. Practically, they are too busy defining the mission, target market, hiring and firing, producing the product or service, and simply doing the hard work of trying to make the business successful. Contrast this with successful and long-term businesses that pay significant attention to public policy. Legacy business leaders know... Read More

Communication the Key to Success

Communication is the key to success in business (and life). There are experts and then there are the rest of us. Similar to any other skill, effective communication does not come naturally to most of us. Instead it takes experience and practice to develop the ability to communicate well. As with all practice, we are guaranteed to make mistakes small and large for that is how we learn. It’s all part of the journey. Water cooler talk, social media, and neighborhood picnics are full of storytelling about what funny or... Read More

Denver Social Media Marketing Group Adds Legal Issues to Strategy Plans

In March, 2013, Denver’s premier social media marketing group welcomed Jim Thomas (@jimtdenver), Attorney/Owner at Minor & Brown, to discuss Legal & Copyright Considerations for Social Media Marketing. The material and discussion comprised Chapter Three of the custom Social Media Strategy Plans group members are developing. Video courtesy of Conversation Starters Public Relations If you’re following the group on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #SMGDenver, you may have seen some of the ongoing conversation. Here are highlights of that conversation, with some additional detail from the content provided at... Read More