Personal Success

Volunteer Your Time and Be Prepared to Reap the Rewards

My volunteering experience began at the Dumb Friends League, and it’s been 8 years and counting, walking dogs and enriching their day for 3-4 hours each Saturday. I rarely miss a shift, unless I’m out of town. I feel such a responsibility to be there for them and know how important it is that the doggies get out and get exercise, snuggles and fresh air. I keep going back, and there are endless reasons why, but here are just a few: I could never get enough of loving, appreciative dogs.... Read More

The Big Debate: Why Do Plastic Straws Suck So Much?

If you haven’t heard the great Plastic Straw Debate of 2018, you do not watch the news or look at any social media sites. It is the latest conversation that is upsetting the masses. There are those that want them banished immediately, and then there area those who are incensed, defending disabled people who must use plastic straws daily. This isn’t a new problem. We as a nation use an enormous amount of plastic for convenience, and recycling seems to be the solution for many. But what we really need... Read More

How to Take a Guilt-Free Vacation

Stress Free Vacation

Working too much can stress you out, and prolonged stress correlates with anxiety, depression, impaired cognitive function, weight gain, memory loss, heart disease, and more. (Yikes, that sounds like the side effects of a medication that are rattled off in a commercial.) Are you bored, stressed, easily distracted from your duties, or just feeling hamstrung? This means you need to take a vacation. Badly. This can be: A Big Trip – A week or more to a faraway destination. This takes a lot of planning ahead of time. Research shows... Read More

Fool-Proof Guide to Staying on Track with New Year’s Resolutions

Fool proof guide to keeping your resolutions

New year, new you! (That’s what they say, right?) 2018 is here and we’re all pumped to improve ourselves. Finally! We’ve waited all year to begin again, start fresh, wipe the slate clean and be a better version of ourselves (our BEST yet!) Why do we do this each year? January is the month of people limping and wincing from injuries induced at the gym. And the guilt that overcomes us once we’ve blown it, makes for a sad February. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you decide... Read More