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Marketing Automation: 6 Campaigns to Automate

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Marketing automation is no longer trendy. It is no longer a fad that only upstart niche players are doing. Sorry all you trend setters, it is time to find a new shiny object. The fact is, marketing automation is mainstream. Recent data shows that 49% of companies are using marketing automation. Specifically, more than half of all B2B companies (55%) have adopted the technology. So, why the rapid adoption? And, what sort of things are marketers automating? Marketing Automation 101 To understand why the rapid adoption, you must understand what... Read More

5 Email Marketing Problems (and How to Fix Them)

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Did you know the average person receives 121 emails per day? According to the blog, 11 downright spooky email marketing stats on, that’s more than enough competition to deal with when you’re competing for someone’s clicks. So, let’s pretend your subject lines are stellar, your content is always first-rate, and people are clicking your calls to action like they can’t get enough of your information. Maybe we don’t even have to pretend. Maybe you are on point and your email marketing is kicking…well, you get the picture. That all... Read More

3 Lifecycle Marketing Phases To Grow Your Business

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As contacts move from prospects to loyal customers their needs and relationship with your business naturally change. Your messaging and marketing tactics should also change. That’s where lifecycle marketing thrives.  The three phases for most businesses are attract, sell and wow. Within each of these, there are specific actions (and unique marketing messages) to maximize your reach and grow your business. 1st Phase of Lifecycle Marketing: Attract Before anyone becomes a customer, they first need to develop interest in your brand. The attract phase focuses on targeting ideal customers and eventually collecting... Read More

Marketing Automation 101: What, Why & How

marketing automation 101

You have heard the term marketing automation a lot lately, but what does it actually mean? And how does it impact your business? While it may be a buzz word, it’s certainly here to stay and something that you should strongly consider adding to your business. What is Marketing Automation? While there are many formal definitions, marketing automation is simply technology and tools designed to more effectively reach the right customer at the right time through automation and tirggers. This could be the automation of emails, retargeting ads, text messages... Read More

5 Steps to Drive Performance Through Data

5 Steps To Drive Performance Through Data

Today, there is certainly no shortage of data. From analytics to social tracking, marketers have access to more information than even before. However, there is a big difference between large amounts of data and actionable information. But how do you effectively convert your big data into a performance-driving machine? One of the biggest keys is to only track what you can change. But there is a lot more involved, so we’ve created these actionable steps… 1. Establish goals, Critical Success Factors & KPIs Where do you begin corralling your data? With... Read More