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5 Steps to Drive Performance Through Data

5 Steps To Drive Performance Through Data

Today, there is certainly no shortage of data. From analytics to social tracking, marketers have access to more information than even before. However, there is a big difference between large amounts of data and actionable information. But how do you effectively convert your big data into a performance-driving machine? One of the biggest keys is to only track what you can change. But there is a lot more involved, so we’ve created these actionable steps… 1. Establish goals, Critical Success Factors & KPIs Where do you begin corralling your data? With... Read More

How to Find the Right Marketing Partner

Marketing Partner

Deciding to hire a marketing partner can be a tough decision. In fact, some people feel their organizations are forced to “settle” for this option. The good news is that if you’re hiring a good partner—one that is the right fit for you and your organization—settling will never be an issue. You just need to ensure you’re appropriately vetting your prospects and selecting a team that is committed to your growth. Get Your Search On Knowing where to start is probably the trickiest part. Think about the things you need... Read More

Web Design: 6 Often-Missed New Website Must-Haves

Beyond Design: 6 Often-Missed Website Features

You know you need a new website and you know you want it to be beautiful. That’s a given. But, there are many other elements your website should include, in addition to being beautiful, that are often undervalued or forgotten. We’ve broken them out. Great User Experience Usability has always been extremely important when it comes to the success of your new website. Websites that are user friendly are going to attract more visitors and will increase conversions. If your website visitors can’t quickly and easily figure out how to... Read More

Second Act of Inbound Marketing: What’s Next in 2017

Inbound Marketing

Let’s have a little fun. Think back 10 years to 2006 and picture the marketing landscape. You will recall it was dominated by big brands on the airwaves, on billboards, and utilizing a lot of expensive push tactics. This made it very difficult for smaller brands to stand out. As the world became increasingly connected, behaviors changed and a great equalizer emerged with search and online content. Marketers began to create content to address customer needs and optimized it to be found and promoted on search engines. This is inbound... Read More

Top 8 2017 Online Marketing Trends

2017 Marketing Trends

As 2016 draws to end, it’s time to look on to a new year. Take this time to evaluate both successes and failures over the past year, then plan accordingly. 2017 promises to be another year full of exciting changes and new trends for internet marketing. As you finalize your annual marketing plan for next year, take a look at the top eight 2017 online marketing trends. 2017 Internet Marketing Trends  Increased Focus on the Customer Experience: Customer expectations are higher than ever and the number of options they have continues... Read More