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Take Your Experiential Marketing to the Digital Level

Experiential Marketing at a Digital Level

Put simply, experiential marketing is a strategy brands use to connect with their target market. Usually, experiential marketing involves direct, human interaction at an event, in a store or at another physical location. However, in this digital age, marketers can leverage technology to take experiential to the next level. Facebook Messenger Even with the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, Facebook is still the world’s largest social network. Yet, the platform isn’t making it any easier for brands to reach audiences organically after the Facebook Apocalypse from earlier this year. Fret not, however,... Read More

10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Web Developer

Questions to Ask Your Web Developer

If eyes are the window to the soul, your website is the portal to your brand. Oftentimes, the website is the very first interaction a person may have with your company. Studies show that users tend to stick around for about 59 seconds – so you better make a good impression in a short time. How do you ensure you have a phenomenal website that showcases your differentiation while catering specifically to your target audience? It all begins with your web developer. But, with literally thousands of developers vying for... Read More

How Your Web Design Agency Creates a Referable Experience

What is an experience? Any web design agency worth its salt talks about analytics. If you’re talking to a web design agency and they’re not fostering conversations about information flow, defining and maximizing conversions, increasing qualified lead count, and generating return on your investment, please talk to a better web design agency. But “referable,” well, that’s a whole different deal, isn’t it? And how does your web design agency create a referable experience? We really try to live this at Webolutions. Our Monthly Guest Menu, our Executive Roundtable Series, our... Read More

Exceptional Web Experience Is Boring (But Effective)

Being in marketing since the mid-90s, when it comes to websites, it seems I’ve seen and experienced everything. So, when it comes to an “exceptional” web experience it takes a lot to get my over-saturated, Gen X senses to perk up. I guess if someone designed an old retro site full of flame bursts, spinning logos, and old under construction pixel art, I would take notice. That’s because, these days, creating an exceptional web experience means no one will take note. It’s the unexceptional, clunky, buggy or slow websites that... Read More

3 Tips to Turn Your Content Into the Popular Kid on the Web

How to Make Your Content the Cool Kid on the Web

Content Marketing Gaining traction with your content is the number one struggle many business owners and content creators struggle with. In marketing, you need traction to be seen by the right people at the right time. Organically speaking, sharing is one of the only ways to gather momentum without putting a lot of dollars behind what you’re doing.  While a paid strategy can be beneficial, today, let’s talk about the building blocks of exceptional content necessary if you want your content to be share-worthy all on its own. (Hint: if you want it to be... Read More