Marketing Trends

5 Questions to Get Your Marketing Budget Approved

For many, early December is the final push for getting your marketing budget approved. Here are 5 questions to help you get, or arrive at, the answer you want. Who approves the marketing budget? One way or another, you are sending this to a decision-maker—even if the decision maker is you. How do they make decisions, and on what criteria? The more strategic and systematic the process, the more beholden you are to it. This may mean that if budget projections are due by 4:00 PM and you deliver them... Read More

2018 Marketing Trends

As 2017 wraps up, it’s time to look on to 2018. While we do not have a crystal ball, we can use data and key indicators to determine 2018 marketing trends. 2018 will be a year that relies on human-to-human marketing – using our growing technology to reach customers on a personal level. Read on for a peek into what the next year may hold… 1. Micro-Moment Marketing Times have changed and so has consumer behavior. It’s no longer about the big gestures, but the little ones. In our fast... Read More

Slay Your Content Monsters

Here’s a word I guarantee you’ve heard before: Content. The thing is, content can take so many different forms and be used in so many different ways to engage key audiences, target personas, and build lasting loyalty – but all of those things require different types of content, different iterations of your brand story, and different writing chops to accomplish. With so much attached to a “single” marketing task, it’s understandable when the whole thing gets really scary, really fast. To keep you on track and help you slay some... Read More

Mistakes that Turn Your Landing Page into a Ghost Town

What do ghost towns and bad landing pages have in common? Everybody leaves them. You put a great deal of time and effort into landing page funnels and that’s the last thing you want. So how do you build one that doesn’t suffer this fate? Ensure you don’t make these 8 common landing page mistakes. Mistake 1: Sending Visitors Away You work tirelessly to drive visitors to your page, so why distract them with other offers? While unintentional, this is exactly what marketers are doing when they have links to... Read More

Octobers Guest Menu features Fall Fun Foods like Apples and Pumpkins

Is October also your favorite month because you can finally pull out your sweatshirt and drink a pumpkin latte, while viewing the gorgeous colorful fall leaves and the air is cool and crisp?  Well the October guest menu tries to satisfy that sweet and savory goodness of pumpkins and apples.  It isn’t all about Pumpkin Latte’s though, I also like to feature a Chai Tea Latte that is sure to please, especially if you are enjoying your Chai Tea in one of our lovely massage chairs. October Guest Menu Caramel... Read More