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Denver Executives Seek to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Webolutions Executive Roundtable - July 2017

“What is the curve?” Thus opened the July, 2017, installment of Webolutions’ Executive Roundtable luncheon series, which promised an engaging discussion on Staying Ahead of the Curve. Several examples of “curves” were given. In a meeting room with a backdrop spotlighting innovators in communication including Johannes Gutenberg, Alexander Graham Bell, and Steve Jobs; in the afterglow of’s acquisition of Whole Foods and on the day that company publicly identified Blue Apron as a competitive target, Webolutions Founder and CEO John Vachalek displayed the curve representing the accelerated growth in technology... Read More

Why Your Blog Isn’t Working

Content marketing is a powerful tool in today’s digital and information age, but there are countless ways to do it inefficiently and ineffectively. Throwing a blog on your website and tossing content on it in hopes that it builds relevancy, trust, and brand loyalty is a strategy far too many businesses take, and then are surprised when it fails. If you find yourself struggling to see the returns on your blog, it may be time to consider where the weak link in the content strategy chain is. These 4 reasons... Read More

What’s in a brand? (And no, it’s not your product)

Brand. As marketers, we hear this word everyday. But what exactly is a brand? Is it a logo? Product? Messaging? At Webolutions, we define a brand as the sum of all experiences with a company or organization. These experiences include every interaction – whether it’s viewing an ad, visiting a location or speaking with customer service on the phone. Every. Single. Interaction. So while a company may decide what they want their brand to be, it is really the customers who determine the brand based on their experiences. Want to improve... Read More

Marketing Revolution the Theme at 2017 Denver Digital Marketing Summit

Denver Digital Marketing Summit 2017 - Seth Godin keynote presentation

Seth Godin spoke about “our revolution” in the primary keynote address for the 2017 Denver Digital Marketing Summit. Session presenters implored marketers to introduce their companies and organizations to, “a new way of thinking about marketing.” A very regular-sized Morgan Spurlock and The Economist’s Mina Seetharaman, among others, spoke to the importance of authenticity in messaging and media. The message found welcoming ears. Among the furious and constant finger taps on laptop keyboards as screens switched from MS Word to Slack and back, a community of new thinkers absorbed and processed... Read More

5 Ways to Make Your Website Content Drive ROI

website content

On the web, it’s easy to feel lost in a sea of similar messages and competing businesses. When it comes to standing out and rising above the noise, telling your unique story and focusing on what you bring to your ideal customer’s table is one of the most important things you can do. If you manage to navigate the choppy waters of storytelling and providing value successfully, you’ll be rewarded with an impressive ROI. So, how do you make your website content work in a measurable way? Here are a few keys to... Read More