Marketing Trends

Break Through Blank Page Syndrome

The pressure is on, the deadline is looming and that blinking little cursor on your still-blank page is absolutely taunting you. Sometimes the hardest part of writing content is simply starting. I’ve made content my career and even I’m not immune to the dreaded blank page syndrome. In fact, when it came time to write this blog post I battled it pretty hard. I opened and closed the GatherContent (the tool Webolutions uses for content creation) project page countless times before the words finally started flowing. Quality content is a crucial part... Read More

Lead Nurturing Content – What, Where and When?

When it comes to lead nurturing, we often get asked what type of content is best for each stage of the prospect journey? The answer to that is it largely depends on your industry and company. However, in this day of marketing automation and lead nurturing, there are some rules of thumb when it comes to alignment of content to the prospect journey. So, we have put together some parameters as you plan your lead nurturing strategy. New Lead Engagement A new lead has filled out a form! Great! Now... Read More

Budget Like a Pro in 2018

It’s hard to believe Q4 is just weeks away. That means it’s already time to begin planning and budgeting for marketing in 2018. While it can be overwhelming, planning today paves the way for success next year. Before you get started, check out these 8 tips to budget like a pro for 2018. 1. Review Your 2017 Budget Take an honest look at this year’s budget. Did you stay on track? If you didn’t, take the time to examine areas that were off. Did you significantly under-budget certain departments? Did... Read More

A Match Made in Marketing: WordPress and Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft & Wordpress

Peanut butter and jelly. Chocolate and graham crackers. WordPress and Infusionsoft. Some things are just better together. Like ensuring your web platform and automation tool work well together. For small businesses, the choice is simple. You simply can’t go wrong with WordPress for a web platform and Infusionsoft for CRM & Marketing Automation. Benefits of WordPress: As the most used web platform in the world, WordPress abounds with user-friendly features. Small businesses and large corporations alike use it to create robust, high-performance websites. The top benefits of WordPress include ease... Read More

Get Out of Your Marketing Rut

Feeling stuck with your marketing? Know that you should do something more, but unsure what that is? Then you may be in a marketing rut. Never fear. Even the most senior marketing experts fall into a rut from time to time. Ready to shake things up? Check out these sure-fire ways to get out of your marketing rut. Study Up The first place to start when you feel stuck with your marketing? Turn to the abundant amount of resources online. Marketing is constantly changing and you are bound to find... Read More