Community Engagement

Webolutions believes in giving back to one’s community. See how we are involved with helping make our community stronger.

Presidential Politics and your Business

Presidential Politics and Your Business - Webolutions

There are lessons we can all learn from public policy and campaigns that are easily transferable to our business models. I suggest there are two areas worthy of taking a look inward to see if the same is happening in our businesses. First, there are disrupters and second, how to know the difference between process and substance. Disrupters in Politics and Business Despite your best planning, there is likely the equivalent of Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump competing against you now or planning to take a significant part of your... Read More

The Caucus: Understanding Power and Politics in Colorado

Nonpartisan caucus training session in Colorado - Webolutions

Every business interacts with government on a fairly regular basis through taxes, land use regulation, transportation changes, employment regulations and so on. Generally it’s part of doing business and it’s the procedural execution of laws, regulations and ordinances. Occasionally, however, there are grey areas or laws that simply no longer make sense. That’s when the elected official at every level of government gets involved. It’s their job to set policy and to change it when current policy is no longer working. Businesses (as well as individual citizens) meet with their... Read More

Build a Community with Webolutions Revolutions and the Fight for Air Climb 2016

Fight for Air Climb 2016 - Webolutions Revolutions

A sense of belonging. Someone cares about you and you care about the team. It’s kind of a simple desire isn’t it? When you belong to a great team it makes all the difference in the world. One of the ways we build a community around our brand at Webolutions is by outdoor adventure teamwork. You’re invited to join us at: There are no dues, no meetings and no sales. There is a commitment to improving your own health and helping other cool business and community leaders with their... Read More

Build Positive Shared Experiences = Priceless

Build Positive Shared Experiences for your business

The shared experience. Priceless. Just consider the precious moments in our professional and personal lives where we are connected with someone who was with us or experienced the same or similar event. We often think of the shared experience of joyful events, ceremonies, vacations and accomplishments. They are worthy of reflection and yearning to repeat them and we’re pleased when others join “the club”. Some of the strongest shared experiences come under unfortunate, harsh and even tragic circumstances. These, although we wish no one to join us, often create the... Read More

3 Completely Different Events. One Important Theme. Community.

Community Engagement Events - Webolutions

What does a week of community engagement events look like? The beautiful thing about community engagement is there is not just one way to achieve it. Let’s take a look at three very different approaches that all share the common, and very important, theme of community. Last week, Webolutions held an open house at our new home in Legacy Cascades in Centennial for the 34 businesses and their 600+ employees who are our new neighbors. Webolutions was two blocks north for the last 10 years in the wonderful community of Greenwood Village,... Read More