Leveraging Your Personal and Professional Brand

What’s behind a brand? According to Webolutions’ definition, it’s a successful memory bank created over time. Successful brands create a memory bank of positive associations between their brand and what it stands for and moments of happiness in people’s lives — both personally and professionally. On Wednesday, October 2, the Webolutions team hosted their third Women in Executive Leadership event of the year, inspiring leaders from a variety of industries to discover how they each leverage their own personal and professional brands. More than 20 Denver-area executive women each shared... Read More

The State of SEO for Top Rankings in 2020

State of SEO 2020 What You Need to Know

A Search Engine Optimization Update Report for 2020 by Webolutions Web Design & SEO Agency Denver, CO This brief SEO Guide is for businesses and organizations (not SEO professionals) to better understand the current state of search engine optimization with insights into what it takes to rank in the top 3 positions of Google and how to stay at the top of Google search.   How to Achieve Top Google Rankings in 2020 What is Google’s Primary Goal? How Does Google Search Work? How Does Google Determine Top Rankings? What Does it... Read More

October 2019 Guest Menu (Pumpkin, Apples, Harvest, Octoberfest)

Welcome to Fall in Colorado, gorgeous weather and the beautiful colors of changing leaves. Don’t you think it’s time to come visit us at Webolutions and enjoy a Pumpkin Latte or some Warm Pretzels? Guest Tasting Menu for the first half of October               Sliced Apples with Almond Butter Served with a Pumpkin Latte               Baked Apple Butter Ham and Cheese Sliders Served with Lemon Iced Tea   Guest Tasting Menu for the last half of October  ... Read More

Fostering a Disruptive Culture to Create a Stronger Organization

September 2019 Executive Roundtable

If you ask Denver-area executives what their definition of “disruption” is, you’ll likely get a variety of answers — from distractions, to fostering improvement to being positive. However, attendees who participated in the September 2019 Webolutions Executive Roundtable agreed that disruption can be summed up in the form of a question: “What if we did it this way?” On Wednesday, September 18, 2019, Webolutions brought in local leaders to connect with one another and share insights on fostering a disruptive culture, inspiring them to help each other thrive and create... Read More

7 Ways to Maximize Your Website’s Local Search Presence

Maximizing Your Website's Local Search Presence

When it comes to making a local impact with your audience, are you “famous” with your audience? While your website may no not be able to be a grand celebrity, here are ways your organization can be locally famous and maximize your website’s local presence. 1. Get Your Website in the Mobile Age Struggling to create a mobile-friendly website or improve your mobile visibility? Consider this: Google is mobile first, meaning that the popular search engine predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. In fact,... Read More