SEO for Voice Search – Goodbye to Text Search Queries

SEO & Voice Search

Voice search is projected to be greater than 50% of all searches by 2020.  Voice search will significantly impact search engine optimization.  Because we can speak faster than we can type, voice searches will be longer and more natural.  So, for example, while we might optimize around “Denver SEO” for text entered searches, voice search would be more like “how can I get more website traffic?”. Voice Search Trends As voice recognition technology has improved and gained use throughout a myriad of devices, more and more people are benefiting from... Read More

Keys for Your Business to Thrive in 2018

Thrive in 2018

The business landscape is changing faster than ever before. Across all industries, changes are occurring in technology, communications, product and service delivery, workforce expectations and the demands of customers. Competition is increasing, and newer, more innovative companies are taking market share from those who are more established. For your business to thrive in this evolving environment, you must pay attention to the following key elements.   Market Positioning   This is how you are positioning your products or services in the marketplace. If you basically offer the same products or services as others, and say your service is better or that you care more, you... Read More

January Guest Menu Features Healthy Snacks

Happy New Year! Let’s celebrate 2018 with some healthy snacks and good conversation about how we can help your business grow! Guest Menu for the First Half of January 2018 Oatmeal Energy Bites served with Hot Cocoa             Slow Cooker Chex Mix Served with an Iced Chai Tea Latte               Guest Menu for the Second Half of January 2018   Yogurt Fruit Granola Parfait Served with a French Press Coffee               Vegetable Hummus Cup... Read More

Fool-Proof Guide to Staying on Track with New Year’s Resolutions

Fool proof guide to keeping your resolutions

New year, new you! (That’s what they say, right?) 2018 is here and we’re all pumped to improve ourselves. Finally! We’ve waited all year to begin again, start fresh, wipe the slate clean and be a better version of ourselves (our BEST yet!) Why do we do this each year? January is the month of people limping and wincing from injuries induced at the gym. And the guilt that overcomes us once we’ve blown it, makes for a sad February. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you decide... Read More

Maximize Your CRM and Marketing Automation with Small Business Website Design

As the first in a series about how small businesses can maximize marketing results from Contact Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation, this article explores how effective small business web design synergizes with Infusionsoft, a CRM and Marketing Automation solution specifically designed for small business. Wondering how CRM and marketing automation and web design tie together? Goals for small business web design often include ongoing lead generation. The best way to convert those leads? With CRM and Marketing Automation. And this works vice versa. Small businesses seeking to maximize results... Read More