SEO, Your Website, and CRM: Better Good than Lucky

Want to get lucky in growing your business? Get systems in place that make luck more likely. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website user experience, and Infusionsoft® Contact Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation constitute a potentially powerful marketing and sales system for your business. Attract Website Visitors Through SEO SEO’s primary use is lead generation. A good SEO program gets your website in front of humans who are using search engines, e.g. Google, to answer questions and find solutions to their problems. Best practices for SEO for lead generation includes... Read More

Experiential Marketing – A Critical Component for Success   

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.” Many of you may recognize this quote by Jay Danzie. This captures the essence of why experiential marketing is critical for the development of any successful brand.    As a brand development agency, we talk with hundreds of businesses each year.  Many believe that branding and marketing consists of the creation a logo, a website, marketing materials and the related promotional activities needed to drive eyeballs. Yes, these are important. But, they are only part of the equation. The underlying experiences... Read More

Don’t Go Breaking Your Site: Security Tips to Avoid Down Time

In today’s world, having a website for your business is essential.  Whether you are a hip coffee shop that caters to the young on-the-go workforce or a local keysmith that has been in business 100 years and the whole town knows your name, you need a website.  You need a place to list your services, a place to communicate with your current and future clients, your own digital storefront in cyberspace.   Just like your real-world storefront, you need to protect your website from security issues and downtime.  Think of it... Read More

March Guest Tasting Menu Features Luck of the Irish Inspired Cuisine

Hello March, let Spring begin, please!  Wow, did you know that on Sunday, March 11 we will be springing forward? The March Guest Menu features Luck of the Irish-themed treats such as Hot Reuben Dip and Irish Snack Skewers. I am also including a recipe in the March Tasting Menu, scroll down to find the recipe for Bacon Jelly! Tasting Menu for the First Half of March     Shamrock Shortbread Cookies served with Peppermint Hot Cocoa           Savory Irish Snack Skewers served with Lime Sparkling... Read More

Spotlight: How FunTreks went from a Company to a Community

There weren’t many 4×4 guidebooks available back in 1994 when Chuck Wells first started four-wheeling. He had purchased every guide book available in the market and none of them were cutting the mustard. He had just bought his first Jeep Grand Cherokee and was having a ball exploring the Colorado backcountry. As he traveled around using the books, he kept thinking of ways the books could be better. One day, armed with detailed notes and photos from his trips, he sat down and sketched out a few pages of what... Read More