January 2019 Guest Menu: New Year’s Snacks Guaranteed to Boost Your Health

Happy New Year, everyone! This month, head on over to Webolutions to relax in our massage chairs and enjoy some healthy snacks and beverages, including coffee with coconut oil. Tasting Menu for the First Half of January Yogurt Fruit Granola Parfait served with Rich Coconut Oil Coffee Did You Know: Coconut oil can improve your immune system, increase your metabolism, aid in weight loss, boost energy levels, cleanse your digestive system and increase brain function. Vegetable and Hummus Cup Served with Sparkling Grapefruit Water Did You Know: Hummus is a... Read More

Making It in the Inbox in 2019: Invest Time in Your Engagement Strategies

Making It In the Inbox in 2019: Engagement

This article is one of a series of blog posts Webolutions is publishing each month about increasing email deiverability for the new year. Want to learn more inbox tips? Download a copy of our latest ebook, Making It in the Inbox in 2019: A Complete Guide to Better Email Deliverability. Engagement is a factor of the deliverability filtering algorithms of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Investing time and effort in your engagement strategy pays dividends in both the short- and long-term. Once someone hands over their email address they’re expecting to... Read More

SEO Services

SEO Services

Types of SEO Services There are a variety of SEO services available to help websites achieve higher rankings.  This article will discuss the various SEO options available to help one’s website rank better. Questions this article addresses: “What is SEO?” “Are there different types of SEO?” “What are the different types of SEO services?”   . Table of Contents: Learn More About These Types of SEO 1. Technical SEO: Analysis of Website’s technical factors that impact its rankings. Code Efficiency Mobile Response SSL/HTTPS Website Speed 2. On-Page SEO: The optimization... Read More

The Critical Leadership Mindset – Traits to Thrive in 2019


As the new year approaches, there are more challenges and pressures than ever facing today’s Denver-area executives. From uncertainty about the future, to big data to finding the right talent, local executives must address these challenges and identify critical traits in order to thrive in 2019. On Wednesday, December 5, 2018, to inspire leaders to develop actionable items for success in the new year, Webolutions presented the topic of the Critical Leadership Mindsets to Succeed in 2019 at its Executive Roundtable luncheon. More than 16 Denver-area leaders — from nonprofits... Read More

Denver Businesses and Nonprofits Succeed Together


Perhaps the ecosystem is less fragile than feared. Here are examples of how Denver public entities, private enterprise, and cause-focused nonprofits are supporting each other to achieve common goals. Havana Business Improvement District In the early 2000s, Havana Street — from 6th Avenue to Dartmouth Avenue — was a small stretch of road with a bad reputation. As evening commuters passed through this area from their jobs in Denver to their homes in Aurora, they encountered urban blight, condemned buildings and abandoned retail outlets with few prospects, none of them... Read More