6 SEO Mistakes You Are Making

SEO Mistakes

In under a decade, SEO evolved more rapidly than almost any other marketing initiative. Google’s changing algorithm and SEO experts’ attempt to crack the code have resulted in many false theories. And things that were true five years ago, are no longer true today. This constant shift has resulted in many common mistakes from well-meaning SEO attempts. Read on to learn the top six SEO mistakes you may be making. SEO Mistake #1: Keyword Density Should Be Main Focus Years ago, SEO professionals focused quite a bit on keywords and... Read More

Win More Business with Infusionsoft CRM and Marketing Automation System

Webolutions Marketing Hierarchy - Infusionsoft CRM

Video Transcript Hi, I’m Mike Hanbery, Director of Marketing and Business Development here at Webolutions. If your current Contact Relationship Management system is sticky notes or Excel, or if you’ve invested in a CRM system in the past and been disappointed, please stay tuned for another couple minutes and learn about Webolutions Business Accelerator, powered by InfusionSoft CRM. If your CRM system is sticky notes, Excel, or a whiteboard, you’re leaving money on the table. With a “Right Time Marketing” CRM and Marketing Automation system, you can: Plot tasks and... Read More

Selecting the Right Online Advertising for YOUR Business

paid advertising

Getting and maintaining someone’s attention in 2017 is challenging for many businesses. This is why it’s now more important than ever to make certain your marketing investments are meeting (and exceeding) your expectations—especially when it comes to online advertising. Who is your target? When you’re trying to decide whether or not to advertise online, the best place to start is your overall marketing plan. An all-encompassing marketing plan would include personas of your target audience, and you’ll need to review these. Make a list for each persona and identify their... Read More

5 Marketing Automation Myths

marketing automation myths

It’s no secret. Marketing automation has changed the way companies approach marketing. Yet, as of last year, only 60% of large companies and 10% of small companies utilize this powerful tool. Why? Perhaps it has to do with these five marketing automation myths… Myth 1: Marketing Automation is Expensive While marketing automation software can easily cost tens of thousands per month, there are many cheaper alternatives. In the past 5 years, the affordability of robust automation tools has dramatically increased. Many fantastic systems, like Infusionsoft CRM, start under $200 a month. Very... Read More

Webolutions May Guest Menu

It’s Springtime, so let’s Celebrate! The Webolutions Guest Menu for May features English Muffins topped with Orange Marmalade and Mexican Tortilla Pinwheels, Fresh Strawberries and Pound Cake, and Meatballs!  Don’t miss out on these delicious sweet and savory appetizers — make an appointment today! Guest Menu for the 1st Half of May     English Muffin with Orange Marmalade served with an Earl Grey Tea                     Salami, Olive and Cream Cheese Pinwheels served with Sparkling water         Guest... Read More