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Connecting With Your Local Audience


Connection. It’s something we all strive for. On a human level, on a brand level, and even on a digital level. When all three of these levels combine, you often get that feeling of being “wowed” by a brand, at least in marketing, and at least when it’s authentic. But while some brands and businesses aim to achieve this on a grand, global scale, there’s something special to be said for connecting with a local audience and building a loyal customer base from that place of local connection. After all,... Read More

The Art vs Science of Quality Content

Content Marketing Tips Telling stories, writing content, creating messaging. It all comes back to one very important pillar of your business’ brand and presence, especially in the digital realm — words. There’s a resounding belief among those looking for marketing help that while many things may need to be outsourced, content is one they can handle in-house. The difference is, when you outsource your content development to an expert in the field, you’re getting more than just some words that sound good. You’re getting a carefully refined intersection of art... Read More

3 Tips to Turn Your Content Into the Popular Kid on the Web

How to Make Your Content the Cool Kid on the Web

Content Marketing Gaining traction with your content is the number one struggle many business owners and content creators struggle with. In marketing, you need traction to be seen by the right people at the right time. Organically speaking, sharing is one of the only ways to gather momentum without putting a lot of dollars behind what you’re doing.  While a paid strategy can be beneficial, today, let’s talk about the building blocks of exceptional content necessary if you want your content to be share-worthy all on its own. (Hint: if you want it to be... Read More

Falling in (Brand) Love Through Engaging Content

Ah, February. The grocery store aisles are lined with pink and red heart-shaped everything, you can’t escape Kay Jeweler’s theme song every commercial break and there is an omnipresent “love is in the air” vibe (at least until the 14). Everyone, everywhere, from businesses to brands to influencers and more are grabbing the coattails of the heart-eyed holiday and holding tight. As a hopeless romantic and a marketer who is endlessly passionate about her chosen field, I couldn’t help but catch the romanticism bug myself. So in honor of falling... Read More

2018 Content Trends That Will Transform Your Marketing

Content Marketing 2018 With the twilight of 2017 officially upon us, leaders across every industry are looking toward 2018 and what might be on the horizon, and the marketing world is no different. When it comes to the content world, there are a whole host of crazy innovations predicted to hit in the next 365 days. However, the trends that will have the biggest impact aren’t really about changes in tech and automation, they revolve around changing the way we view content and how we choose to incorporate it into... Read More