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Lead paid digital marketing strategy and execution to meet client business goals and perform at maximum effectiveness. Stay attuned to developments in and provide subject matter expertise on paid tactics and strategies.


PPC Advertising

PPC, as commonly used, refers to paid visibility on a search results page, also known as paid search. The benefits and advantages of being able to pay for your brand or product to appear on the front page of Google or Bing are numerous, but one of the best features of PPC are spelled out in the acronym itself; Pay-Per-Click. This means that, as an advertiser, you only pay when someone has taken an action on your advertisement. PPC, or Paid Search, isn’t just a band-aid solution during the launch... Read More

5 Ways To Boost Your Facebook Ad Performance

5 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Ad Performance

Facebook advertising: It’s one of those things it seems like everybody’s done and no one’s really been satisfied with the results. If you’re like many businesses who’ve advertised or boosted a post on Facebook, you know that you’ve reached your audience at a price that didn’t make you want to cry, but you ended up with not much to show for it, and probably left feeling a little disheartened. Thankfully, effective Facebook advertising doesn’t have to be an inside joke you feel like you’re on the outside of. These are... Read More