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Adobe Business Catalyst Website Migration to WordPress

Business person raising arms in triumph after migrating Adobe Business Catalyst website to WordPress

Adobe recently announced they would stop supporting their Business Catalyst website Content Management System (CMS). Businesses must choose a new platform for their website. Many Adobe Business Catalyst website owners are choosing migration to WordPress. With the right approach, this can generate the results for your business that you have always envisioned. Key takeaways from Adobe’s announcement include: This affects all Adobe Business Catalyst Websites, without exception. After March 26, 2021, absolutely no data will be available to website owners. Adobe will delete all customer information. All Adobe Business Catalyst... Read More

Enhanced WordPress™ Website Platform – Why We Don’t Use WordPress Themes

When we selected WordPress as our primary platform in 2010, we quickly realized the constraints of themes and templates were too limiting for our clients. The assumptions underlying themes prevented us from providing the website creation experience our clients deserve. WordPress themes are designed to be easy for designers and developers to operate within a predetermined framework. This limits customization and scalability. Because every organization has different goals, different audiences with different needs and different and always-evolving visions of what their website should be and do, it is impossible to... Read More

Denver Businesses and Nonprofits Succeed Together


Perhaps the ecosystem is less fragile than feared. Here are examples of how Denver public entities, private enterprise, and cause-focused nonprofits are supporting each other to achieve common goals. Havana Business Improvement District In the early 2000s, Havana Street — from 6th Avenue to Dartmouth Avenue — was a small stretch of road with a bad reputation. As evening commuters passed through this area from their jobs in Denver to their homes in Aurora, they encountered urban blight, condemned buildings and abandoned retail outlets with few prospects, none of them... Read More

Why Infusionsoft CRM and Marketing Automation is Killing Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Marketing Automation

It’s time for legacy email marketing systems to die. Keep Doing Email Marketing In 2018, email marketing remains a cost-effective tactic overall, and your monthly or quarterly e-newsletter remains a critical component of your marketing mix. Yet, technology and market developments now render your Constant Contact or MailChimp system obsolete. Tools and systems once available only to the enterprise are now simply a smarter choice for smaller businesses. Contact Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation systems such as Infusionsoft® have rendered legacy email marketing systems about as relevant as Slimline phones... Read More