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Why Infusionsoft CRM and Marketing Automation is Killing Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Marketing Automation

It’s time for legacy email marketing systems to die. Keep Doing Email Marketing In 2018, email marketing remains a cost-effective tactic overall, and your monthly or quarterly e-newsletter remains a critical component of your marketing mix. Yet, technology and market developments now render your Constant Contact or MailChimp system obsolete. Tools and systems once available only to the enterprise are now simply a smarter choice for smaller businesses. Contact Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation systems such as Infusionsoft® have rendered legacy email marketing systems about as relevant as Slimline phones... Read More

Social Leadership Strategies for Today’s Executive

In May 2018, executives gathered for a Webolutions Executive Roundtable to connect and share insights around social leadership strategies. With an increasingly connected world – from internal culture to community responsibility – navigating and effectively executing social leadership roles has become an essential skill for executives. Social Leadership comes to light for executives when they: Set the vision and inspire their organizations. Serve as “faces” or “voices” of their organizations, in person and on social media. Assume profile roles in the business community, as an alumnus, serve on industry committees... Read More

Plug your Marketing Funnel: How Small Businesses Get Referrals with Infusionsoft

Plug Your Marketing Funnel - Infusionsoft

The problem with your marketing funnel is the hole in the bottom of it. Marketing Should Help your Relationships be “Sticky” The concept that the traditional marketing and sales funnel lazily allows clients to re-enter the marketplace is articulated in Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch. The general notion is that we think of marketing as pulling new customers in through the top of the funnel, and nurture them through the sale. And that’s it. And that’s incomplete. Post-decision evaluation is part of any buying process. This is why, after we’ve... Read More

How Your Web Design Agency Creates a Referable Experience

What is an experience? Any web design agency worth its salt talks about analytics. If you’re talking to a web design and development company and they’re not fostering conversations about information flow, defining and maximizing conversions, increasing qualified lead count, and generating return on your investment, please talk to a better web design agency. But “referable,” well, that’s a whole different deal, isn’t it? And how does your web design agency create a referable experience? We really try to live this at Webolutions. Our Monthly Guest Menu, our Executive Roundtable... Read More

Staying Top of Mind in a Crowded World

Staying Top of Mind in a Crowded World

The March 2018 installment of Webolutions’ Executive Roundtable Series focused on Staying Top of Mind in a Crowded World. Attendees included executives from industries including landscaping, risk management software, construction, human screening, sales training, cloud computing, and the third busiest general aviation airport in the nation; and elected officials and nonprofit Executive Directors. What is the best way to reach potential customers with a new product or service? Referrals are always where they start Aligning with credible resources, places where they already engage – industry groups/associations, conferences, key influencers How... Read More