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John Vachalek
I believe we should all “take a step back” and create a different lens through which to view the world. When constant change and evolution is the norm, this lens allows us to challenge the status quo and create fresh, innovative, relevant approaches to build success. This success allows us to make a difference in the world and this relevance is what drives me.

Website Redesign SEO – What You Need to Know!

Website Redesign SEO

Considering Redesigning Your Website? Don’t Forget SEO as Part of Your Website Redesign Project Plan If you are considering the redesign of your Website, it is critical to consider the impacts this could have on your existing and future search engine positions. In many cases your business will have an established Website with some decent search engine positions. In order to update your site to a new or fresher look and to include more functionality, you may be considering investing in a Website upgrade. This will usually be a more... Read More

Web Design & Website Development – A Look Backward and Forward

Web Design Webolutions

Webolutions – Over Two Decades of Website Design and Development Excellence After nearly 24 years of owning a custom website design company, providing enterprise-level website development as a full-service digital marketing agency, I thought it would be beneficial to share some this history with those newer to the industry. Reason dictates that the further you can look back into the history of something (like digital marketing for example), the better suited and prepared you are to understand the current industry trends and where things are heading. There are cycles and... Read More

Social Marketing with Facebook

Facebook is steadily becoming the largest social network on the Internet, with over 175 million active users. Consumers are turning to Internet resources, such as Facebook, when searching for feedback on a company’s products and services. Facebook allows businesses the chance to build customer evangelists, connect with new or existing customers, promote products, participate in conversations, establish credibility in their industry and create brand awareness. Best of all…it’s free! How Do I Use Facebook as a Viral Marketing Resource? Personalize Your Business – The first thing to do is build... Read More

Client Relationship Building – Critical to Your Long-Term Business Success

Client Relationship Building

Most Onlin Marketing initiatives include some sort of Web analytics. However, many people overlook the critical measurement of the telephone calls received as a result of these efforts. Webolutions’ call tracking solution allows businesses to add a new dimension to their online and offline campaign ROI measurement.  Some of this service’s features include: Unique campaign-by-campaign call tracking numbers Dynamic population of tracking numbers throughout your Website, based on the originating campaign Call recording for the monitoring of call conversion quality The ability to measure organic vs. paid ad results The... Read More

The most important question in marketing

Marketing Trends

In a previous post I talked about asking questions as a way to stimulate ideas. Questions open your mind to possibilities. One question in particular, when asked over and over again, can dramatically improve your company’s long-term profitability. That question is: How can I improve my service? I am talking about service in a general sense and not just customer service or product support. If a washing machine cleans clothes in half the time and costs the same as the average machine then it can be said to provide “greater... Read More