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What’s in a brand? (And no, it’s not your product)

Brand. As marketers, we hear this word everyday. But what exactly is a brand? Is it a logo? Product? Messaging? At Webolutions, we define a brand as the sum of all experiences with a company or organization. These experiences include every interaction – whether it’s viewing an ad, visiting a location or speaking with customer service on the phone. Every. Single. Interaction. So while a company may decide what they want their brand to be, it is really the customers who determine the brand based on their experiences. Want to improve... Read More

7 Ways to Create an Experience for Your Business

creating an experience

Regardless of your offering, creating a positive experience is one of the most important things a brand can do. After all, a brand is simply a compilation of all the experiences consumers have with the company. So how do you convert your offering from a commodity to create an experience? Follow these steps: Detail Every step of an interaction should be intentional and planned. The best way to accomplish this? Moment mapping. A good moment map details every point of a customer interaction. It should start with the first point of... Read More

5 Marketing Automation Myths

marketing automation myths

It’s no secret. Marketing automation has changed the way companies approach marketing. Yet, as of last year, only 60% of large companies and 10% of small companies utilize this powerful tool. Why? Perhaps it has to do with these five marketing automation myths… Myth 1: Marketing Automation is Expensive While marketing automation software can easily cost tens of thousands per month, there are many cheaper alternatives. In the past 5 years, the affordability of robust automation tools has dramatically increased. Many fantastic systems, like Infusionsoft CRM, start under $200 a month. Very... Read More

3 Lifecycle Marketing Phases To Grow Your Business

As contacts move from prospects to loyal customers their needs and relationship with your business naturally change. Your messaging and marketing tactics should also change. That’s where lifecycle marketing thrives.  The three phases for most businesses are attract, sell and wow. Within each of these, there are specific actions (and unique marketing messages) to maximize your reach and grow your business. 1st Phase of Lifecycle Marketing: Attract Before anyone becomes a customer, they first need to develop interest in your brand. The attract phase focuses on targeting ideal customers and eventually collecting... Read More