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5 Steps to Drive Performance Through Data

5 Steps To Drive Performance Through Data

Today, there is certainly no shortage of data. From analytics to social tracking, marketers have access to more information than even before. However, there is a big difference between large amounts of data and actionable information. But how do you effectively convert your big data into a performance-driving machine? One of the biggest keys is to only track what you can change. But there is a lot more involved, so we’ve created these actionable steps… 1. Establish goals, Critical Success Factors & KPIs Where do you begin corralling your data? With... Read More

Building a New Website in 2017? 7 Factors To Consider

7 Factors To Consider For a New Website

New year, new site? If a website redesign is on the horizon for 2017, it’s important to begin planning today. Developing a new website is an exciting process, but it is also a significant endeavor requiring forethought. It can be difficult knowing where to begin, so we’ve compiled these 7 factors to kick-start the process. 7 Factors to Consider Before Building A New Website 1. Goals/expectations of the site It would be safe to say that nearly every company needs a website, but the goals of each vary drastically. Are... Read More

Top 8 2017 Online Marketing Trends

2017 Marketing Trends

As 2016 draws to end, it’s time to look on to a new year. Take this time to evaluate both successes and failures over the past year, then plan accordingly. 2017 promises to be another year full of exciting changes and new trends for internet marketing. As you finalize your annual marketing plan for next year, take a look at the top eight 2017 online marketing trends. 2017 Internet Marketing Trends  Increased Focus on the Customer Experience: Customer expectations are higher than ever and the number of options they have continues... Read More

10 Key Metrics to Determine Your Site’s Effectiveness

10 Key Metrics For Effective Website

Do you have a highly effective website? If you aren’t sure, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and find out. Tracking key metrics over time will give you valuable insights and allow you to capitalize on opportunities and track improvements. But, what numbers should you be looking at? With the plethora of data and information available, it can be difficult to pinpoint key metrics. That’s why we’ve pulled together 10 key metrics to determine your site’s effectiveness. From engagement to usability to functionality, these metrics will provide a comprehensive overview... Read More

Webolutions Earns Multiple W3 Awards for Web Design

Webolutions Award Winning Website Design

Webolutions, a leading marketing agency, received two silver awards for website features on the Colorado Potatoes website by the Academy of Interactive Visual Arts today. The 2016 W3 awards honored Webolutions for Website Visual Appeal and Website User Experience. The W3 Awards received nearly 5,000 entries. Each year, they honor outstanding websites, web marketing, web video, mobile sites/apps & social content created by some of the best interactive agencies, designers and creators worldwide. “We were once again blown away at the creativity and quality of this year’s entrant. As our connected world continues... Read More