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Doug Griffin
“I believe in achieving remarkable relationships with clients based on trust. Without trust, it is impossible to do great work – which is ultimately my goal. Part of that is simply getting to know clients and investing in them. But, it also means doing what you say you are going to do, being honest, and treating everyone with mutual respect.”

5 Must-Have Communication Tools

5 Must-Have Communication Tools

When it comes to the office, there are lots of different tools you can use for communication and planning. And, in today’s environment, where team members can be spread across the globe, it is important to find tools that are quick and easy to use…and (in some cases) free. Here is a rundown of some of my favorite must-have communication tools for team member collaboration, and planning. Slack This tool needs no introduction. With millions of users around the world, it has quickly become the de facto communications tool in... Read More

Twitter for Business – How to Make it Work

twitter for business

There are many marketing professionals who are ready to write Twitter off as yesterday’s social media. And, true, it has lost users while other platforms like Snapchat and Instragram have seen large growth spikes. But, the platform still has more than 100 million daily users which makes it, next to Facebook, among the most used social media platforms. So, how can businesses be successful on Twitter? What works in getting your business’s message noticed? A recent study from Audiense and Hubspot sheds some light on what works on Twitter. First... Read More

Exceptional Web Experience Is Boring (But Effective)

Being in marketing since the mid-90s, when it comes to websites, it seems I’ve seen and experienced everything. So, when it comes to an “exceptional” web experience it takes a lot to get my over-saturated, Gen X senses to perk up. I guess if someone designed an old retro site full of flame bursts, spinning logos, and old under construction pixel art, I would take notice. That’s because, these days, creating an exceptional web experience means no one will take note. It’s the unexceptional, clunky, buggy or slow websites that... Read More

Client Spotlight: People Element Builds Employee Engagement

At Webolutions, we have had the pleasure of working with People Element and helping them evolve and grow their story. Part of that evolution was a full rebranding, including a name change. Who They Are: People Element, formerly Strategic Programs, is in the people business – driving employee engagement in organizations to help them achieve business goals. While many of their competitors may only focus on once aspect of the employee lifecycle, such as exit interview data, People Element is dedicated to the full employee lifecycle and getting to the... Read More

Lead Nurturing Content – What, Where and When?

When it comes to lead nurturing, we often get asked what type of content is best for each stage of the prospect journey? The answer to that is it largely depends on your industry and company. However, in this day of marketing automation and lead nurturing, there are some rules of thumb when it comes to alignment of content development to the prospect journey. So, we have put together some parameters as you plan your lead nurturing strategy. New Lead Engagement A new lead has filled out a form! Great!... Read More