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“I believe everyone—and every business—has a story to tell. In today’s world, people aren’t interested in your corporate policy. They’re interested in YOU. Tell them how you got here. Tell them about your successes and your failures. Tell them about your celebrations and your mistakes. Be real with them, and they’ll come back for more.”

Selecting the Right Online Advertising for YOUR Business

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Getting and maintaining someone’s attention in 2017 is challenging for many businesses. This is why it’s now more important than ever to make certain your marketing investments are meeting (and exceeding) your expectations—especially when it comes to online advertising. Who is your target? When you’re trying to decide whether or not to advertise online, the best place to start is your overall marketing plan. An all-encompassing marketing plan would include personas of your target audience, and you’ll need to review these. Make a list for each persona and identify their... Read More

5 Email Marketing Problems (and How to Fix Them)

Did you know the average person receives 121 emails per day? According to the blog, 11 downright spooky email marketing stats on MyEmma.com, that’s more than enough competition to deal with when you’re competing for someone’s clicks. So, let’s pretend your subject lines are stellar, your content is always first-rate, and people are clicking your calls to action like they can’t get enough of your information. Maybe we don’t even have to pretend. Maybe you are on point and your email marketing is kicking…well, you get the picture. That all... Read More

How to Find the Right Marketing Partner

Marketing Partner

Deciding to hire a marketing partner can be a tough decision. In fact, some people feel their organizations are forced to “settle” for this option. The good news is that if you’re hiring a good partner—one that is the right fit for you and your organization—settling will never be an issue. You just need to ensure you’re appropriately vetting your prospects and selecting a team that is committed to your growth. Get Your Search On Knowing where to start is probably the trickiest part. Think about the things you need... Read More

Why Every Organization Needs a Content Plan: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Content Marketing Plan

Beginner's Content Marketing Plan

Marketing. Whether it’s online marketing or outbound marketing, direct marketing or experience marketing, it’s all about your brand’s content and the messages you want to communicate. Remember that old saying, “Content is king?” In 2016, this reigns true more than ever and it means that having a content marketing plan is your ace! What is Content Marketing? Content marketing refers to the development, management, and execution of your organization’s content. Content can (and should) include vocabulary, messaging, imagery and assets. The purpose of content marketing for any organization is to... Read More

8 Top Tips for Video Promotion

Sure. Videos drive SEO. They tell brand stories. Videos even increase engagement rates. This is exactly what your organization needs help with, so your team created a video and posted it on your website, but nothing is happening. Now what? In addition to creating a video, most organizations forget that they need a campaign plan just like they would with any other promotion. The marketing plan for your video needs to identify the project’s: Main goals Target audiences Key messages Communication platforms You may have even discussed items 1-3 (above)... Read More