On October 28, 2011, Webolutions again puts on the Ritz at the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Business Expo with a thematic booth experience. Come beat your gums with our Sheiks and Dolls at the Webolutions Marketing Speakeasy!

Our 1920’s theme honors the Chamber’s 90 years of forging business partnerships. It’s the bees knees–complete with flapper girls! Take our quiz to learn,”What Era is Your Marketing In?” Get fried to the hat at our Bootleg Candy Bar. Learn how to give yesterday’s marketing the bum’s rush from our experts and get on the trolley!

Also at the Expo, Webolutions Big Cheese John Vachalek will present a keen seminar on Integrating Mobile into Your Overall Online Marketing Strategy. This dynamic session will help you decide the right mobile strategy for your business.

  • Should you create a mobile app?
  • Do you need a mobile Website?
  • What mobile tools should you use to increase sales?
  • What influence are tablets having on mobile?
  • How should you change your overall marketing for mobile users?

Join us October 28, 2011, at the Denver Marriott Tech Center for the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Expo and the Webolutions Marketing Speakeasy. You’ll be hitting on all sixes!


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John Vachalek

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