As consumers are being conditioned to look for online specials and deals, we’ve observed some common practices being utilized by top retailers. These strategies are designed to create more sales through the use of email campaigns which focus on creating urgency for the consumer.

Whether you are a retailer running a sale, or a service provider offering a special promotion, these practices could lead to far greater success in your next campaign.

First things first – when you create a sale or promotional offer, all the following elements should exist

  • A name for the promotion (should be based on your audience and the nature of the event)
  • An enticing offer (should be based on your audience and their profiles)
  • A defined timeline for the sale/promotion

Once you have created an impactful offer with these qualities, there are four opportunities to create urgency via promotional emails to your community.

  1. Before the sale/promotion begins
  2. At the time the sale/promotion begins
  3. Towards the beginning of the sale/promotion
  4. Towards the end of the sale/promotion

Of course, in every correspondence, you should include:

  • The name of the event (always make things an event)
  • The details of the event (why should they care)
  • Different and compelling product or offering images that allow you to create different looks for your multiple emails
  • Specific calls to action (ie. Shop Now, Schedule Today, etc…).

Let’s take a look at the messaging you might use at each of the communication opportunities.

Before the sale/promotion begins
Urgency Messaging leading up to the sale sound something like this
      Annual Holiday Sale starting in 3 days
Just 2 days until our Spring Sales Event

At the time of the sale/promotion begins
Urgency Messaging for this would be
      Annual Holiday Sale Today (even if it will go for a few days)
      Today – Shop Our Spring Sales Event

Towards the beginning of the sale/promotion
Urgency messaging here would be
      2 Days Left – Annual Holiday Sale
Spring Sales Event – Only 2 More Days!!

Towards the end of the sale/promotion
Urgency messaging here would be
      3 Hours Left – Annual Holiday Sale
Spring Sales Event – Only Hours Remaining

If you have an engaged community, to which you provide regular value (products they love, useful information, ideas, etc…), the tolerance level for reminder emails like this is very high.  As a matter of fact, in today’s busy world, your consumers will appreciate your reminding them multiple times of the special opportunity, so they do not miss out on this.

How to use this Information

The next time you put together a great offering, have an event with an early registration period, or have any sort of offer to which you may be able to apply these practices, plan your email campaign lifecycle with the intent of helping your community take full advantage of this by creating urgency in your emails. Then put together a 4-part campaign using these strategies and see how much your results will improve.

At Webolutions®, a strategic advertising agency in Denver, we continually indentify and study current marketing trends. We believe in making a difference in people’s lives and would be happy to provide you with a complimentary one-on-one evaluation to help you put together a more effective marketing program contact us online or give us a call at 720-746-2732.
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